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Installation radial vane type hydraulic motor mounting

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Due to pressure oil effect, the uneven rotor to generate torque. The vane-type hydraulic motor and the output torque of the hydraulic motor and the displacement of the hydraulic motor and out of the pressure differential between the ports on which the input speed of the hydraulic motor to determine the size of the flow. As the hydraulic motor can generally require reversing, so vane-type hydraulic motor to radial placement. In order to make the blade root is always through the oil pressure in the back pressure chamber Walter blade root path should be one-way valve, hydraulic motor to ensure that the blade pressure oil Walter after normal start, you must make the top of the blade and in close contact with the inner surface of the stator in order to ensure a good seal, should be set so the preload of the spring blade root. Vane type hydraulic motor small, small moment of inertia, sensitive, applicable to high-frequency commutation occasions, but a large amount of leakage, low work instability. So vane hydraulic motors are generally used for high speed and torque requirements of small and motion sensitive occasions