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Bosch Rexroth presents advanced gearboxes, hydraulics, control and monitoring systems at AWEA WINDPOWER 2014

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Bosch Rexroth offers a full range of components and services to support wind turbine developers and wind energy facility operators. Key technologies will be on display at the AWEA WINDPOWER Show, May 5-8, in Las Vegas, NV, booth #3253

BLADEcontrol system provides insights that improve uptime
Rotor blades can be damaged by a number of environmental strains — icing, storms, and excessive wind gusts. Attendees at WINDPOWER 2014 can experience the first-hand the responsiveness and precision of the BLADEcontrol blade condition monitoring system to provide active, real-time data on wind turbine blade conditions, so wind energy operators can take proactive steps to correct issues early to avoid turbine downtime.

Visitors to the exhibit can place coins on the “blade” and see a monitor display how the measured frequency changes when the mass of the blade is altered. The system detects problems, such as aerodynamic imbalances, loose parts in the blade or hub, and incorrect pitch settings. Also, if serious damage is imminent, or blade conditions are approaching a preset condition threshold, the BLADEcontrol system immediately sends a signal to the system control unit, which can then shut down the turbine and avoid blade breakage.

ACoS Advanced Condition Monitoring System covers all components
Because you can’t manage what you don’t measure, Bosch Rexroth offers the ACoS Advanced Condition Monitoring System — the world’s first monitoring system that combines condition monitoring for all components in the power train to provide insight into cost of energy (CoE), the key measure of wind turbine efficiency

The ACoS condition monitoring system monitors all relevant function groups by means of a standardized and continuous connection to a control desk, reducing the need for hardware. By networking measurement data from multiple sensors, the system increases the efficiency and transparency of the monitoring process across the wind farm. As a result, one manager can cover a number of turbines, which minimizes turbine monitoring costs, while improving planning for maintenance operations to reduce the CoE over the entire service life of the turbine. Proven measurement and analysis strategies are combined to form a holistic monitoring strategy using an open platform with modular functions providing options such as GL-certified ice detection on the rotor blades.

Gearbox and hydraulic service for wind turbines
To meet the needs of wind farm operators with unique service needs, Bosch Rexroth offers the Gearbox and Hydraulic Service for Wind Turbines — a unique, multi-tiered service program that provides a range of factory trained and qualified support services along with strategically located stocks of commonly needed components.

The service concept can be tailored to the respective requirements of wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators to increase wind turbine efficiency and availability. Wind farm operators can receive a completely customized service and maintenance offering to create a complete wind turbine lifecycle service solution. Provisions can include: help desk and technical support, on-site inspections where expert technicians can perform turbine endoscopy and oil analysis, comprehensive field service resources including installation, start-up, troubleshooting and fault elimination, in addition to factory repairs and overhauls and a field exchange program for spare parts and gearboxes.

Robust hydraulic components for longer system life
From hydraulic pitch component systems that increase turbine efficiency to a broad portfolio of hydraulic pumps, accumulators, manifolds and filters, Bosch Rexroth provides technical advantages in hydraulics to create compact, low-maintenance, highly controllable solutions.
The extensive product range from Bosch Rexroth provides many advantages to boost wind turbine efficiency and uptime. Learn more by visiting booth #3253 at the AWEA WINDPOWER Show, May 5-8, in Las Vegas, NV.