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GM Series—-SAI Series Radial Piston Hydraulic Motors

2024/03/27 14:30:57



SAI GM series motors have evolved from the previous M, L and P series motors.

They have a number of design variations that increase the strength of the motor casings and the load capacity of the internal dynamic components. They are ideal for any circuit that requires reliability, high performance and rotation control because of their high mechanical and volumetric efficiency and excellent cavitation resistance.

SAI GM series fixed displacement radial piston motors are available in nine sizes: GM03 | GM05 | GM1 | GM2 | GM3 |GM4 | GM5A | GM6 | GM7 – ranging from 25cc/rev to 4663 cc/rev. The L7 and L9 Series is available from 2000 cc to 12000 cc/rev.

Peak pressures range from 270 to 450 bar depending on displacement within the particular series.

High Speed versions of these motors are also available, coded GS and S.