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Hydraulic motor noise reasons

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When conducting hydraulic motor processing often encounter the problem of noise , impact on staff is relatively large. Once dry environment has become so bad , except for the drop in efficiency caused by the fault of their own health is very bad . Therefore, the need for timely discovery of such issues to be resolved , then the job . To sum up , in fact, several common hydraulic noise problems are more concentrated , its causes nothing more than the following:
1 . Components excessive wear
Because of the noise and excessive wear and tear caused by the internal components of the hydraulic pump is also more , plus an acknowledgment of the problem only through a thorough inspection before , and once the source is found, it is more convenient to deal with .
2 hydraulic cylinders noise
Such problems are mainly due to the air inside the cylinder there is residual , removal is not thorough enough , so it is easy to generate cavitation in the role of high pressure , so that the natural formation of noise. If you need to be the case , then as soon as the air troubleshooting , it is most essential.
3 . Piping noise
Sometimes, because of too many dead bent pipe can produce severe vibrations to form the noise, thus making the arrangement when we must avoid the appearance of dead bent . In addition, for loose clamps should be corrected in time to be improved by tightening .
4 .Oil mixed with air
Once such a situation often leads to relief generate high frequency noise , which corresponds to the formation of a cavity before the cavitation . Therefore , you need to prevent such problems through adequate treatment to improve the air isolated .