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Hydraulic Winch (Construction or Minging Application)

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composed with all sorts of distributors that consist of one-way balance valve, control brake, high pressure shuttle valve, Sai GM type hydraulic motor, Z type brake, C type gearbox, and drum. Users only configure hydraulic power unit and change valve. As the winch has valve sets, its not only simplified the hydraulic system, but also enhances the working reliability of the transmission drives. 
It can be applied in traction equipment, pedrail and automobile crane, pipe hoist machine, grab bucket, drilling machine, construction and marine industry.
Description of parameters: 
1. The oil supply is the theoretical flow of hydraulic unit, namely the calculated value of under conditions of considering the system efficiency of 90%.
2. The rope capacity of drum is the theoretical max. capacity to hold the rope. The actually allowable effective rope capacity should consider keeping 3 loops of steel wire rope un-used to prevent to rope end from disengagement.
Example model:
HTC7-240-140-42-ZPH indicates: 
The hydraulic winch with planetary gearbox modulus of 7, the pulling force capacity of 240 kN at the first layer, drum rope capacity is 140 M, steel wire rope diameter is 42mm, it has brake and one-way balance valve and pressure 20MPa.

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