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Hydraulic motor classification

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Hydraulic motor according to their type of structure can be divided into gear , vane , piston , and other types. The rated speed of the hydraulic motor is divided into two major categories of high and low speed . Higher than the rated speed 500r/min belongs to the high-speed hydraulic motors , rated speed 500r/min below belong to the low-speed hydraulic motors . The basic types of high-speed hydraulic motor gear , screw , vane and axial piston and so on. Their main feature is a high speed , small moment of inertia for easy starting and braking , regulating high ( speed and commutation ) sensitivity. High-speed hydraulic motor output torque is usually not so called high speed low torque hydraulic motors. The basic types of low-speed hydraulic motors are radial piston type , in addition to the axial piston , vane and gear also has low structural type , the main features of low- displacement hydraulic motor is large , bulky low speed ( sometimes even turn up a few tenths of revolutions per minute ) , it can be directly connected with the work of agencies ; does not require deceleration device, so that the transmission mechanism greatly simplified, low-speed hydraulic motor output torque is usually large , it is also known as the low speed and high torque a hydraulic motor.
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Low-speed hydraulic motor radial piston motors rod hydraulic motor is a simple structure , reliable operation, varieties and specifications , low prices . The disadvantage is that a larger volume and weight , the larger the torque ripple .
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